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out with the old and in with the new   
02:28am 04/09/2003
  well its time to get rid of all these memories i am now starting off fresh with a new live journal user name add me the new name is murder_tramp.much <3  

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01:03am 04/09/2003
  next time whould you like me to hand you my heart to trample on? you dirty bitch.  

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nessa like whut!   
05:54pm 03/09/2003
  nessa kills: does fashion like me?~
Plazmatik Star: its me and tracys community
Plazmatik Star: so umm if im fashion
nessa kills: oh hot!
Plazmatik Star: yes
nessa kills: ahaha
nessa kills: you're defined as fashion
Plazmatik Star: lol
nessa kills: its like. i should make a dictionary. and under fashion its your picture
Plazmatik Star: so do youre thing girl
nessa kills: haha
Plazmatik Star: i like the way you do it right thurrr
Plazmatik Star: i justin timberlakes on<333
Plazmatik Star: lol
nessa kills: OH SHIT!!!

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hey kids go join   
05:39pm 03/09/2003
its a way awesome voteing community.see if you got what it takes

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02:35am 03/09/2003
  ten seconds left until midnight
nine chances to drown ourselves in black hair dye
eight faces turned away from the shock
seven windows and six of them were locked
five stories falling forever and ever
three cheers to the mirror
now there are two of us
can we have one last dance?

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12:14am 03/09/2003
  why do i have to put up with this?  

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02:57pm 01/09/2003
  i gave you everything i had and you still left.  

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our (re)generation   
07:12pm 31/08/2003
  our (re)generation
What defines us isn't available in words. We are a generation that has never been seen, never been dreamt of, never been produced, been predicted, or even been plagiarized. We don't focus on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We don't have a designate god to whom we kill for. We are a variable that hasn't been raped by Hollywood. Our point in life isn't to find a husband or wife. Marriage isn't unbreakable, and when one fails, and is not beneficial for both parties, it can be dissolved. A child born out of wedlock is just as beautiful as any living child. More of us are pierced and inked than not. The color of our hair does not affect our work ethics. To us, your political system seems full of emptiness. We think of the word "terrorism" at least once a day. We would much rather love each other then be forced into your hate. We receive more emails then birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day cards combined. In our eyes, the Pledge of Allegiance seems a little fascist. Gays are born gay, and have been since the beginning of time. How you treated us as children did effect our lives, and we keep this in mind in raising our own. Your opinion does matter, but you have to understand that ours matters as well. Religions are more similar then different. Just because your temple is bigger, does not mean your god is too. Real men can wear make-up, and real women do stand up for themselves. The cross walk sign (the two stick figures are crossing the road, the man carrying a briefcase, and the woman wearing a skirt) is politically incorrect. We encourage diversity without selling it on a tee shirt. Animals do dream, just watch their eyes while they sleep. The future isn't as nickle-plated as Hollywood portrays. There is no such thing as a liberal, there are conservatives, and less conservative. We live our lives through our expression, our art, our music, our literature, our clothing, our hair, our body modifications, our love. We are clear in our messages. We don't want a better tomorrow, we want a better today. If this made you feel anything at all, please, do what you can to promote it. It is our generation's personal limitations that inhibit the world.

what a smart kid

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goodbye to you.   
06:28pm 31/08/2003
  so last night was simple kill,deadstar assembly and retard o bot it was good fun upsetting that joe is leaving but hopefully he will be more happy i was way excited that i got to see alll my kidsaffixedenergy meloncholydream asperations crossbreedsgod evilsfinest fadetozero fallingfate he_kills kckat120 ladyreznor mothersh1p poisondoll roboticfairy sweetmisfortune thispulse wreched_faery xdeadxxstarx there all great fun last night i was absolutly miserable i wore vinyl pants with a white collar shirt and state theatre was all hot but its otay cause i got to finnally meet stormy she is so adoreable i hugged her so much and dident want to leave her at the end.so at the end of the show we all sat outside and talked then we headed to kristanas cafe the usaul place after a show.we had like 45 mother fuckers in there ryan pasco is one funny mother fucker i tell ya man i got bitchy with this stank ass girl so i got amused by that me and tracy talked bullshit as usaul then we all left i came home stayed up for like an hour and then went to sleep:(.this is the end.peace


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convo with ibe.   
04:15pm 29/08/2003
  Broken X screams: *lick*
Plazmatik Star: hiiiiiiiii
Broken X screams: haha
Broken X screams: hey beautiful
Plazmatik Star: :-)
Plazmatik Star: how are you?
Broken X screams: im good
Broken X screams: = )
Broken X screams: how are you sugar plum?
Plazmatik Star: im good and you?
Broken X screams: hahaha look up
Plazmatik Star: lol
Plazmatik Star: ooops
Plazmatik Star: whats up
Plazmatik Star: im so hyper i have no idea whats going on
Broken X screams: hahaha
Plazmatik Star: when you said look up i looked at my roof
Broken X screams: your always hyper suga
Broken X screams: awWwW
Broken X screams: your so cute it hurts

haha i <3 the lady

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06:14pm 25/08/2003
  so i went to the doctor at 8am to get blood taken because they think i have a potacium(spelling)problem so i went rolled out of bed in my pjs and went.well they couldent get any so they poked and prodded both arms for a half and hour now they are sore i was dry heaving i got so sick from it.they kept letting air out of my vains.also this nosey ass old lady wouldent stop watching and i was angry because they kept jabbing so i kick the door shut.HAH old people are so nosey and crusty. so now i have to go to a lab to get it tested.i hate life.damn.tomorrow im gonna go shopping for an outfit for the deadstar assembly show and then were all gonna go to outback for dinner.i talked to g today hopefully she has a new bf.speaking of couples bugg needs some poo nanni any ladys interested im him at antimayo83 well im gonna go take a nap fools.  

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04:40am 23/08/2003

by Wesley Willis

You can really get in the groove.
I love you a lot in the long run.
koolade really whoops a donkey's ass.
You are a yummy star.


You can really get in the groove.
koolade is very special to me.
You are the yummy king.
You make the joyride music.


You really whoop Saddam Hussein's ass.
You really whoop a snow lepoard's ass.
You can really jam harder like a magicist.
You are a yummy star.

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago.

Be a Pepper - drink Dr. Pepper.

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03:29pm 22/08/2003

you were a good man now you can rock and roll in the mcdonalds in the sky.

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aint that a bitch   
03:51am 21/08/2003
  lets see here.tuesday me,amber and luke wnet to wild side tattoos and got our eyebrows done thank you bootsie for paying.ummm today i did a hole lot of nothing i went to lunch with my dad and introduced him to the newest member of my face he was thrilled im sure.came home slept talked to gensah became a cam whopre then took some pics of my eyebrow which are behind the cut.im looking pretty nasty in the pics cause i took thm at 1 am.lolpincushionCollapse )  

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12:23am 21/08/2003

my pics


effed up sperm donor over the internet

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09:02pm 20/08/2003
My LiveJournal Sitcom
motorcycle and armchair (NBC, 8:30): the_odyssey (Grace Kelly) and sonicjihad (Carmen Electra) write a children's book. Then, xslackerbitchx (Sylvester Stallone) and vampire_queen (Parker Posey) sneak a soup into a music store. The next day, thehotties (Soleil Moon Frye) thinks undercore (Gary Cole) is a Martian. That same day, glassflow (Dave Coulier) buys a wheelbarrow from tbm (Alec Guinness). Afterwards, asperations (Danny Kaye) and _dsa (Ben Kingsley) go waterskiing. TV-14.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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05:34pm 19/08/2003
  going to get my eyebrow done.ill post pics later.  

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brandon died on a full moon   
10:15pm 18/08/2003
  Hi mike

It has long been said that the full Moon has a powerful
affect on peoples emotional state, creating tides of
emotions within us.

When we experience such turbulent emotions, it is difficult
to believe that we could ever feel harmony and peace within
ourselves again.

Highly charged feelings cause havoc in our lives, and when
The Moon appears in your readings you can be sure there are
issues in your life that are causing confusion and mixed

When this card appears it is suggesting you take a step
back and view your situation from a different perspective
and with a calmer logic.

However, The Moon does represent powerful feelings and it
isnt always easy to gain clarity; one often cant see the
wood for the trees. The path to clarity and understanding
is a challenging one, yet despite the emotional wrenches
you may feel, it is right for you.

For example, if you are in a situation where you need to
let go of a lover or partner for whatever reason, but
emotionally cannot summon up the courage to do so, even
though you know its the right thing to do, trust that the
new path you seek is right for you.

Often when a decision is very difficult and causes strong
emotional resistance within us, we allow our weaker nature
to rule. However, in many of these situations it is a brave
heart and clear mind that helps us see through the fog of
unruly emotion and step onto our true path.

The Moon not only represents illusion caused by powerful
emotions, but also illusion or trickery created by other
peoples lies or misleading behavior. Therefore, when The
Moon appears in a reading, its a good idea to question
your motives and those of people close to you, and it is
best to refrain from making firm decisions until you know
and feel a sense of certainty about your choices.

The wan light of The Moon does in some way shed light upon
the right path for you, but because we cannot see clearly
in dim light we doubt ourselves and hold back from taking
the steps forward.

The Moon may suggest that your avoidance to take action or
make a tough decision about a certain situation is simply
due to fear of loss. Fear has much to do with The Moon, and
courage is always needed to conquer fear, so take your time
when The Moon appears in your readings and search for your
inner courage. With patience you will find the clarity you

Love and Joy,

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03:01pm 18/08/2003
  fucking bugg found pictures from years ago of me on some photo thing.  

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from now on   
01:35pm 18/08/2003
  title or description

leave a comment to be added.if your already on my friends list you will remain.

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